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浦东新区南汇中心医院减肥手术价格费用上海市第一人民医院割双眼皮多少钱交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院口腔美容中心 Two sisters on a bus in northern India beat up three men who they say were harassing them, and the of the encounter has gone viral in a country that has been the scene of much-publicized violenceagainst women.印度北部两用皮带抽三名对他们实施性骚扰的男子,同车乘客拍下的视频在这个公开对女性施暴的国家里传开了。The was filmed Nov. 28 by a passenger on the bus that was traveling between Rohtak, about 40 miles from New Delhi, and Sonipat,about 12 miles from the Indian capital. Both towns are in the state of Haryana.这辆公车从罗塔克县开往索内帕特县,车上的一名乘客于11月28日拍下了这个视频。罗塔克县距新德里40英里,索内帕特县距新德里12英里,这两个县都属于哈里亚纳邦。The sisters, Aarti Kumar, 22, and PoojaKumar, 19, are both students. They say they were subjected to lewd comments from the three men. They responded by attacking the men with their belts. The shows the other passengers silently watching the events. Such harassment of women is not uncommon in India,and there#39;s even a term to describe it: ;Eve teasing.;这两分别是现年22岁的Aarti Kumar和19岁的Pooja Kumar,两人都是学生。她们说那三个男人对她们说了些下流的话,她们就用皮带作了回击。从视频中可以看到其他乘客默默地在一旁观看,女性遭到此类骚扰在印度并不是稀罕事,甚至还有一个用来形容此类事件的词:“戏弄夏娃”。The men were arrested Sunday, and Haryana#39;s chief minister lauded the two young women, saying they would be honored during India#39;s Republic Day celebrations on Jan. 26.那几名男子已于周日被捕,哈里亚纳邦的首席部长称赞了两,他表示将在1月26日的印度国庆日上授予她们荣誉。The and the response of the young women attracted wide coverage in India#39;s media as well as on social media.视频和两的回应得到了印度国家媒体及社会媒体的广泛报道。 /201412/346138GlaxoSmithKline faces further scrutiny from US prosecutors after it emerged that staff were caught bribing Chinese officials more than a decade ago.葛兰素史克(GSK)员工10多年前就曾被抓到贿赂中国官员,消息传出后,该公司再次被美国检方置于放大镜下。The news comes as US and UK authorities investigate allegations that GSK employees bribed doctors and officials more recently to boost drug sales in China.美国和英国当局正在调查有关GSK近年为促进药品销售在中国贿赂医生和官员的指控。The Financial Times has learnt that GSK uncovered problems with its China vaccine business in 2001 that led to the firing of about 30 employees.英国《金融时报》得知,GSK在2001年就曾发现中国疫苗业务存在腐败问题,并因此开除了约30名员工。The US Department of Justice, which is investigating the current allegations, will take a close look at the earlier scandal, according to a former senior DoJ official who wished to remain anonymous.一名希望匿名的美国司法部(DoJ)前高级官员表示,正在对目前的指控展开调查的美国司法部,将密切关注早前的丑闻。If prosecutors find a pattern of such behaviour, they are likely to take a tougher stance toward the company, legal experts said.法律专业人士表示,如果检方发现存在一种行为模式,他们很可能对GSK采取更严厉立场。GSK has been under scrutiny since Chinese authorities accused it of paying up to 0m in bribes. The DoJ is looking at the case as part of a broad probe into drugmakers under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.自中国当局指控GSK行贿至多5亿美元以来,GSK一直被置于放大镜下。美国司法部正在调查GSK案,这是它根据《反海外腐败法》(Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)对制药企业展开的调查的一部分。Two people familiar with the 2001 scandal said GSK found that staff had been bribing Chinese officials and taking kickbacks. The company acknowledged the matter for the first time to the FT but said it had dealt with the issue rigorously.2001年那次丑闻的两名知情人士表示,GSK当时发现自己的员工贿赂中国官员并收受回扣。GSK首次向英国《金融时报》承认了此事,但表示它已对那件事做出了严肃处理。Timothy Blakely, a partner at US law firm Morrison amp; Foerster, said US prosecutors would have to examine the 2001 case under justice department guidelines to see whether there was a pattern of behaviour.美国美富律师事务所(Morrison Foerster)合伙人蒂莫西#8226;布莱克利(Timothy Blakely)表示,美国检方必须按照司法部的指导原则调查2001年的案件,以确定是否存在一种行为模式。“It is something that a prosecutor would have to take into account,” said Mr Blakely.布莱克利表示:“这是检方必须考虑的一个因素。”GSK asked PwC to investigate the case at the time the corruption suspicions emerged. “These matters occurred over 12 years ago. We believe appropriate investigation and action was taken at the time,” it said.当年腐败怀疑浮出水面时,GSK曾委托普华永道(PwC)进行调查。GSK表示:“这些事情发生在12年前。我们相信当时我们进行了适当的调查,采取了适当的行动。”One member of the PwC team in 2001 was Peter Humphrey. Now an independent investigator, he is being held in China on charges of illegally buying private information in connection with GSK’s current scandal.2001年承接GSK调查工作的普华永道团队中就有韩飞龙(Peter Humphrey)。后来成为独立调查员的他眼下在中国被拘留,面对非法购买与GSK近期丑闻有关的私人信息的刑事指控。The rapid move to hire PwC in 2001 contrasts with its response to the latest scandal. After a whistleblower made allegations against the company last year, GSK first relied on an internal probe with external legal and auditor support.2001年,GSK迅速聘请了普华永道进行调查,这与它对最近这场丑闻的反应形成了鲜明对比。在去年举报者提出指控之后,GSK最初依赖于内部调查,辅之以外部法律和审计持。That inquiry found no evidence of systemic corruption, although some staff were dismissed for expenses irregularities. GSK has since hired Ropes amp; Gray, a US law firm, to conduct an external inquiry.尽管有一些员工因报销违规被解雇,但那次内部调查的结论是,并无据显示GSK存在系统化的腐败。在那之后,GSK聘请了美国Ropes amp; Gray律师事务所进行外部调查。In May, Chinese police said they had evidence of “massive and systemic bribery”.今年5月,中国警方表示他们掌握存在“大规模、系统性的贿赂行为”的据。“We have zero tolerance for unethical behaviour,” GSK said. “We investigate any allegations put to us and take action where necessary.”GSK表示:“我们对不道德行为采取零容忍。我们调查向我们提出的任何指控,并在必要情况下采取行动。”At the time of the 2001 incident, Sir Andrew Witty, GSK chief executive, was the company’s head of Asia-Pacific but his responsibilities excluded China. GSK has declined to say whether Sir Andrew was aware of the 2001 scandal.2001年那次事件发生时,GSK现首席执行官安伟杰爵士(Sir Andrew Witty)是GSK亚太区总裁,但他当时不负责中国业务。GSK拒绝澄清安伟杰是否知道2001年的丑闻。He has tried to cast GSK as a leader in ethical reforms since it was hit with a record bn DoJ fine for marketing abuses in 2012. However, the clean-up effort has been overshadowed by the latest scandal in China.自美国司法部在2012年因市场推广违规开出30亿美元的天价罚单以来,安伟杰试图将GSK塑造为道德改革的领头羊。然而,最近发生在中国的丑闻给GSK的自洁努力蒙上阴影。 /201407/312899上海内双眼皮

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崇明县疤痕修复多少钱 Four people have died and 300 workers have been evacuated after a serious fire broke out on a Pemex platform in the Gulf of Mexico, the Mexican state-owned oil company said on Wednesday.墨西哥国家石油公司(Pemex)周三表示,其位于墨西哥湾的一个油井平台突发大火,4人在火灾中丧生,300名工人被迫疏散。A fire broke out at dawn at its Abkatun Permanente platform off the coast at Campeche Bay in Mexico, and Pemex confirmed in a tweet that four people had been killed.大火发生在当日清晨,起火的Abkatun Permanente平台位于墨西哥坎佩切湾附近。该公司在一则Twitter消息中确认,4人在大火中丧生。It said in a separate statement that 16 workers have been injured, two of which are in serious conditions.在另外一份声明中,该公司表示有16名工人受伤,其中两人伤势严重。The company added that 8 firefighting boats have been deployed to fight the blaze.它补充说,8艘消防船已被派往当地灭火。According to the US Energy Information Administration, the Bay of Campeche is an important source of oil production for Mexico.美国能源情报署(US Energy Information Administration)的数据显示,坎佩切湾是墨西哥重要的石油产地。The Abkatun-Pol-Chuc offshore oilfields, where the platform that has erupted in fire is located, produced under 300,000 barrels per day in 2013, a decrease of more than half from a peak in the mid-1990s of 700,000 barrels.失火平台所在的Abkatun-Pol-Chuc海上油田2013年的日产量是30万桶以下,比上世纪90年代中期顶峰时期的70万桶低了一半以上。The fire is likely to renew questions over Pemex#39;s safety record.这次火灾可能会再次引发对墨西哥国家石油公司安全状况的质疑。Two years ago, a gas leak led to a blast that killed at least 37 people at Pemex#39;s headquarters in Mexico City.两年前,这家公司位于墨西哥城的总部曾因气体泄漏导致爆炸,令至少37人丧生。News of the fire also comes as Pemex looks to court foreign investments to develop its oil fields as part of a major overhaul of its energy sector.发生火灾之际,墨西哥国家石油公司正试图吸引外国投资者开发其旗下油田。这是墨西哥能源产业大规模整改措施的一部分。 /201504/368017上海双眼皮埋线多少钱上海市皮肤病医院美容整形科

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